Functional data structures on top of CLOS


Patty is a small library that facilitates working with functional data structures. It consists of a few macros and metaclasses that integrate nicely with CLOS. Code using patty is similar in style to Haskell code using algebraic data types, primitive pattern matching and type classes.

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The latest release is 1.0.6. Download gzipped tarball.
It depends on closer-mop, moptilities and Alexandria. LIFT and cl-ppcre are only needed to run the test suite (only the patty-test system depends on them).
Alternatively you can install via asdf-install (with the caveat that Alexandria is currently not asdf-installable).

You can get the latest via darcs:

    darcs get



Patty uses the abstract-class and singleton-class definitions from Tim Bradshaw's Lisp hacks.

Project members

Stefan Lang